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Student Spotlight: Henry He

Henry (Yi He) is a junior at Santa Clara High School (SCHS). Last semester, and for a large part of his sophomore year, Henry had been struggling to achieve a good GPA in high school. He has always been a good student with a posit Read more

Student Spotlight: Grace Yijun Zhao

Grace Zhao is a senior at Regina Dominican High School. Grace is an extremely hard-working and devoted Honor Roll student who is always pushing herself to do better. Grace consistently has excellent grades and has worked very hard Read more

Student Spotlight: Bowen Cao

Located in snowy Upstate New York is Manlius Pebble Hill School. “MPH” is a small and vibrant school that helps students grow into mature young adults. They combine academics, community, and culture to develop socially adept s Read more

Turning Applicants into Enrollments

Once your team has decided that an applicant may be a good fit for your program, here are some steps you can take to increase the likelihood of the student deciding to attend your school.   Tailor the Interview to the Student Read more

Student Spotlight: Cindy Wang

Located in the sunshine state of California, and just down the street from Disneyland Resort, is Cornelia Connelly High School. “Cornelia” is a school that fosters an environment for girls to be enlightened, trained, and encou Read more

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