Cambridge Network Homestay Program

Cambridge Network is a leader in global education and one of the most experienced international student homestay providers. Since 2009, Cambridge Network has successfully placed thousands of international students from around the world in our homestay program. Cambridge Network's wealth of international experience in homestay management and residential operations helps international students studying abroad in the United States find caring host families. Our network has over 5,000 approved and verified host families around the United States. International students who choose a homestay program gain experience learning a new culture, enhance their language skills, make lasting relationships, and become members of a connected and cooperative global community.


  • Closer to campus, helps facilitate getting to and from school
  • All essential study facilities within easy access
  • Encourages joining student organizations and participating in social activities


  • Living with a host family and sharing
    daily life and culture facilitates full
    immersion into the community
  • Improves English speaking and
    listening proficiency
  • Enhances interpersonal skills

How are Host Families Selected?

Cambridge Network is an accredited and certified international student exchange organization and homestay provided by the Council on Standards for International Educational Travel (CSIET) Our full certification status demonstrates Cambridge Network's commitment to standards of excellence, engagement in the development and sharing of community preferred practices, and advancement of the educational value of international student exchange. Our 5-criteria selection process ensures that our students are matched with a certified safe, accommodating, and compassionate host family for an enriching experience.

Safe Home Environment

Comfortable Private Space

Intimate Care

English Speaking Families

Cross-cultural Experience

Host Family Application and Selection Process

Our host families are selected through a strict vetting and screening process.



Background Check

Home Inspection

Home Visits

Annual Review