Boarding vs. Homestay

It really depends on which one is more suitable for your child’s lifestyle and personality.


  • Closer to campus, helps facilitate getting to and from school
  • All essential study facilities within easy access
  • Encourages joining student organizations and participating in social activities


  • Living with a host family and sharing
    daily life and culture facilitates full
    immersion into the community
  • Improves English speaking and
    listening proficiency
  • Enhances interpersonal skills

5 Criteria for Selecting an Ideal Host Family

A CSIET-approved organization, Cambridge Network is an accredited agency of homestay providers.
The 5-criteria selection process ensures that our students are matched with a certified safe,
accommodating and compassionate host family for an enriching experience.

Safe Environment

Comfortable Private Space and Home

Intimate Care

English Speaking Families

Homestay Host Families Cambridge Network

Cross-cultural Experience

Selection Process

Our homestay providers are selected through a strict process.



background check

Home inspection

home visits

Annual appraisal


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