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Introducing St. Mary’s Online Academy: Empowering International Students in AP Courses!

We are excited to unveil the launch of St. Mary’s Online Academy, an innovative academic service tailored specifically for schools with international students from South and East Asia. Acknowledging the hurdles faced by thes... Read More

Breaking Barriers: Strategies for Speaking to International Students

In today’s globalized world, educational institutions are more diverse than ever, with students from all corners of the globe coming together to pursue their academic dreams. This diversity enriches the learning experience, ... Read More

Providing Academic Support to International Students: Best Practices in Recruitment

In the realm of international education, providing academic support to international students is not only a commitment but also a strategic advantage for institutions worldwide. With an ever-growing demand for quality education, s... Read More

10 Things to Know About High Schools in the USA

For international students looking to pursue their education in the United States, understanding the high school system is essential. High schools in the USA offer a unique educational experience that varies from what you might fi... Read More

The Transformative Power of International Student Programs: A Life-Changing Experience

Studying abroad has always been a dream for countless students worldwide. The allure of experiencing new cultures, gaining a global perspective, and broadening one’s horizons is undeniable. International student programs, wh... Read More

High School International Programs: Opening Doors to Global Education and Cultural Immersion

High school is a pivotal time in a student’s life, a period of growth and self-discovery. It’s also a time when students begin to contemplate their future, including higher education and career goals. High school inter... Read More

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