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Is Studying Abroad with a Host Family Right for You? An Interview with an International Student – Hannah Xu ‘23

Many prospective high school students are curious about what life is like for international students studying in the United States. So, we invited one of our Cambridge Network international students, Hannah Xu ’23 from York Scho... Read More

Student of the Month – Darren Liu ’21 | Cambridge Network

Darren (Yubo) Liu is currently a senior at Pope John Paul II High School (JPII) in Tennessee, USA. He is a member of Mu Alpha Theta – The National Mathematics Honor Society, the school’s choir, and the Acappella ensemble. Dar... Read More

How to Approach 2021 International Student Recruitment – South Korea & Vietnam Markets

COVID-19 has adversely impacted the international education sector as global travel has halted and visa interviews have stalled. According to the Institute of International Education and its Open Doors Report, international studen... Read More

Student of the Month – Shaelyn Xie ’21 | Cambridge Network

Shaelyn Xie ’21 started her study abroad experience in the United States at a coeducational high school, but she found it wasn’t the right fit. In her co-ed school, Shaelyn didn’t feel like there were enough opportunitie... Read More

Forecasting 2021 International Student Recruitment for Schools and Study Abroad Programs

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has impacted many industries worldwide, and the education sector is one of the most significantly affected. Universities and secondary schools are preparing for big declines in international stu... Read More

Marketing Your International Student Program During COVID-19

It’s been over six months since schools around the U.S. closed and went into distance learning, and still, many programs have yet to fully re-open. Many schools have only allowed a small number of students to physically return t... Read More

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