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Student Spotlight of the Month – Christina Zhang ’19 | Cambridge Network

Christina (Yiting) Zhang is a three-year Cambridge Network student, and this summer, she graduated from The John Carroll School (JCS) in Bel Air, MD. Around her peers and classmates, she is known for her can-do attitude and her wi... Read More

How to Approach Religion with International Students from China

Religion can be a sensitive topic for schools, host families, and students, so it should be addressed thoughtfully during your student orientation. Host families and schools should be aware that many international students do not ... Read More

Understanding Causes and Cultural Differences in Plagiarism for International Students

The topic of plagiarism is one that almost always inevitably arises when international students first begin their studies at American high schools and colleges. The concept of plagiarism is often unfamiliar to many international ... Read More

School Partners Receive Upgraded Marketing Technology Services | Cambridge Network

As Cambridge Network continues to blaze the trail in creating a sustainable industry with price transparency and student-centric initiatives, the team is excited to release an enterprise-level platform allowing member schools to b... Read More

Student Spotlight of the Month – Jimmy Mao ’19 | Cambridge Network

In 2015, Jimmy Mao left his hometown of Fuzhou in the Fujian Province which sits along China’s southeast coast and about 400 miles from Hong Kong. The city of Fuzhou and Fujian Province has long been connected to those seeki... Read More

How to Ready Your International Students to Identify and Embrace Diversity

One of the primary benefits of international student programs is the insight students gain about a new culture they may otherwise never experience. But how do you ensure that students, both domestic and international, are prepared... Read More

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