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Student Spotlight of the Month – Leo Chen ’23 | Cambridge Network

Leo Chen, who is originally from Changzhou in Jiangsu Province, joined Paraclete High School in California this fall as a freshman. Lancaster, CA, where the school is located, is close to several important sightseeing landmarks su... Read More

International Middle School Students Thriving at The Doane Stuart School – Student Spotlight of the Month

Last year, I had a new 8th grader, Jason, who is only 13 years old. Before his arrival at The Doane Stuart School, his host mom expressed her worry about his young age and whether he would be able to adjust to the new environment.... Read More

Breaking Down Price Transparency: Its Effect on your Admissions Strategy

In a time of global competition and rising economic sensitivity, parents are continually asking, “Is it worth sending my child abroad? And what are the best alternatives?” Often, the alternatives are a bunch of competitors o... Read More

Student Spotlight of the Month – Jiacheng Liu ’20 | Cambridge Network

A polyglot is defined as someone who can speak or write several different languages. While there is some disagreement about exactly how many languages one must know to be considered a polyglot, but the generally accepted standard ... Read More

Student Spotlight of the Month – Christina Zhang ’19 | Cambridge Network

Christina (Yiting) Zhang is a three-year Cambridge Network student, and this summer, she graduated from The John Carroll School (JCS) in Bel Air, MD. Around her peers and classmates, she is known for her can-do attitude and her wi... Read More

How to Approach Religion with International Students from China

Religion can be a sensitive topic for schools, host families, and students, so it should be addressed thoughtfully during your student orientation. Host families and schools should be aware that many international students do not ... Read More

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