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Cambridge Network’s Groundbreaking Initiative to Transform High School Student Recruitment in...

Introduction: Cambridge Network, with its impressive 13 years of experience and an extensive network of over 20,000 students and alumni, has once again taken a bold step forward in the realm of education. Recognizing the immense ... Read More

3 Ways to Support International Students in the Classroom, Home, and Community!

It is our Cambridge Network mission to continue to connect our communities every day. One way we continue to do this is by quarterly holding our Connecting Communities virtual events that are opened to and welcomed to all our part... Read More

NYU Student and Cambridge Alumni shares with students on his international education, host family r...

Our Cambridge C.A.R.E., student development program, strives to always bring our Cambridge students engaging learning experiences through live events. This year, our Cambridge Student council created a student-lead live event and ... Read More

International Student Spotlight Interview – Zichao Ye – Marshall School | Cambridge Network

For international students, the difficulty of studying abroad lies in adjusting to a new language and learning environment and integrating socially into a completely different cultural surrounding. As a result, the study abroad jo... Read More

International Student Recruitment Toolkit for Study Abroad Programs in the New School Year

Impact of COVID-19 on International Student Market Schools and international student programs are preparing for students returning to campuses this fall in what many hoped would kick-start the first normal and mostly in-person aca... Read More

International Student Spotlight Interview – Justin and Lily – Landmark Christian School | C...

International study abroad is an excellent opportunity to pursue knowledge, giving students the chance to discover, explore, and cultivate their hobbies while forging an unforgettable memory and providing a cornerstone for growth.... Read More

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