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Student Spotlight of the Month – Lucy Hu ’19 | Cambridge Network

Four years ago, we interviewed Bishop Miege High School student Lucy Hu as a newly enrolled freshman from Shanghai, China navigating her way through her first year abroad. From the start, Lucy had demonstrated her incredible talen... Read More

Preparing Schools for International Student Recruitment 2020

As summer approaches, many begin thinking about the beach, hiking, and relaxation; however, the team at Cambridge Network can think of only one thing, 2020 Recruitment! Outlined below are some essential steps for schools to prepar... Read More

Beyond Niche School Rankings: Public Relations Strategies For Your School

If an item you see on Amazon has a 2.1 rating with two negative comments, are you going to buy it? Of course not! Today’s technology-driven consumer no longer relies on in-person visits or on-campus tours. Consumers first base n... Read More

Student Spotlight of the Month – Alan Yang ’22 | Cambridge Network

Alan Yang’s (pictured second from the left) first year as a Cambridge Network and York School international student has been an eventful one, to say the least. In the span of a few months, Alan started his study abroad journ... Read More

Essential End-of-Year School Checklist for International Student Programs

As the end of the school year draws near, schools are already beginning their celebration preparations: graduation practices, prom arrangements, yearbook photos, etc. Summer is right around the corner; schools and students alike c... Read More

International Student Recruitment and Enrollment Strategies

In terms of data, hundreds of institutions will say that this year’s graduating class of Chinese international students is the largest that they’ve had in their history. This can be attributed to the wave of students that ente... Read More

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