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Student Voice | How Should We Balance Our Study Abroad Journey?

Maintaining a balance between studies, sports, and personal life can be difficult for high school students studying abroad in the United States. You can efficiently balance all three, though, if you manage your resources and your ... Read More

Student Voice | Emergency Room Experience

Hello everyone, I am Yang Yihan, an international student who always likes the unknown. I am in eleventh grade in Indiana, USA.  I recently went through the worst “bankruptcy” of my life.  What Happened  A month ago... Read More

Student Voice Blog | Cultural Differences

Hello, everyone! My name is Brian, and I am now studying at York School in Monterey, California, USA. I have been studying in York since the eighth grade and am currently a Junior student. Today, I will tell you about some cultura... Read More

Student Voice Blog | How to get along with your host family?

It is common to have many inconveniences in boarding life when you are far away from home. Many international students have the same experience and distress, but in the student voice event, you can speak for yourself! Share your s... Read More

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