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Let’s Talk Re-Enrollment: Protecting Your Student and Your School

In terms of data, hundreds of institutions will say that this year’s graduating class of Chinese international students is the largest that they’ve had in their history. This can be attributed to the wave of students that ente... Read More

Student Spotlight of the Month – Mandy Hua ‘18 | Cambridge Network

This month’s Student Spotlight features a recent graduate of Pope John Paul II High School (JPII) and Cambridge Network Alum Mandy Hua ’18, who is currently studying at New York University. As Mandy embarks on her journey thro... Read More

Low Enrollment? Give your International Recruitment Partner These 3 Things

The trends in international education, especially at the secondary level, are frequently changing and are not easily predicted. As schools who have been open for international applications for multiple years can attest, each year ... Read More

I-20 Awareness – School Readiness for Peak Admissions Season

Recently, we highlighted Cambridge Network’s focus on global expansion of emerging markets for international students as well as our strategic responses to these market shifts. However, complications in the student visa proc... Read More

Student Spotlight: Bruce Han ’19 and Jodie Deng ’19 | Cambridge Network

This month’s Student Spotlight recognizes two outstanding Cambridge Network students who both received their early acceptances to their top choice of colleges. Landon School – Bruce Han ‘19 Bruce Han received his early accep... Read More

Turning International Applicants into Enrollments

Once your team has decided that an applicant is a good fit for your program, here are some steps you can take to increase the likelihood that the student chooses to attend your school. Tailoring the Interview to the Student’s In... Read More

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