College Preparation Language and Culture Program | Cambridge Network

Cambridge Network offers a variety of academic services to aid international students on their educational journey in the United States. International students will most likely need some supplementary academic support at some point during their stay. With a wide array of educational packages offered, the CPLC aims to accommodate the needs of individual students. International students in the program have access to several different resources for improving their educational outcomes including tutoring sessions for language development and test preparation.

International students may also utilize the College Preparation Language and Culture (CPLC) program, a supplementary learning tool from Cambridge Network that focuses on enhancement of spoken English, writing proficiency, reading comprehension, and listening skills. The CPLC program is also available for any international student outside of Cambridge Network’s program.

CPLC Program Overview:

The College Preparation Language and Culture program combines language skills, high school and college prep, cultural learning, test taking skills, and writing workshops into one cohesive curriculum. The CPLC program provides them a way of learning with other international students in a program designed specifically for them.

The CPLC program is a highly interactive, classroom-like, online environment catering to the specific needs of international students. Meeting twice a week with live instructors, the CPLC program is extremely flexible and a great way for international students to gain the supplementary education needed to thrive in their academic career.

International students will be enrolled in these courses based on their grade, and classrooms will consist entirely of international students. International students with a high degree of English proficiency are capable of signing up for an additional Advanced Course which offers more topics and learning potential.

CPLC Learning Program at a glance:

  • 9th Grade – High School Readiness
    • Includes topics such as cultural expectations, organization and studying skills, reading and writing development, and introduction to the college admissions process.
  • 10th Grade – Academic English
    • Provides students with more complex reading, writing, speaking, and listening assignments. Other topics include career development, leadership, effective communication, and global business. An Advanced Course option is offered for Advanced Academic English.
  • 11th Grade – College Preparation I
    • Topics include the college admissions process and further development of critical thinking, reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. Workshops are included with a focus on online TOEFL prep, SAT/ACT prep, writing workshops, or college counseling webinars.
  • 12th Grade – College Preparation II
    • Topics include the college application process, further development of critical communicative skills, and learning about college essays, interviews, and transition to college life. Workshops are included with a focus on online TOEFL prep, SAT/ACT prep, writing workshops, or college counseling webinars.

Advanced Course options are offered to 11th and 12th grade with a focus on college level courses, and strengthening the student’s essay writing, critical analysis, and independent research skills.

Our Staff:

  • Teachers:
    • CPLC teachers are highly qualified educators that specialize in ESL (English as a second language) students. Having advanced through a rigorous training process and becoming certified to teach in the CPLC program, our staff has developed an immersive online program designed specifically for international students.
  • Tutors:
    • Students who need additional help with their high school curriculum can consult the CPLC program for one on one tutoring with one of our qualified instructors. Tutors will initially meet with the student to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses, then design a custom plan based on their experience. This allows students to make great strides in the areas they most aptly need help with.
  • Mentors:
    • Mentorships are offered to help the student acclimate to U.S. culture, as well as help them develop the social skills needed to thrive when they transition to the college environment. Mentors communicate the academic and social progress of the students back to Cambridge Network, their school, and natural parents.
  • College Counselors:
    • College Counselors are available to help international students find a college or university that is the best fit for them academically, socially, and financially. International students are paired with both an American College Counselor and a bi-lingual counselor.


Click here for a demonstration of the CPLC program.