American Host Families for International Students & More!

2018-05-18 剑桥编辑人员

Q: Who is Cambridge Network?
A. Please refer to the “ABOUT US” page

Q: What kind of homestay services does Cambridge Network offer?
A. Please refer to the “ABOUT US” page

Q: How does Cambridge Network find a host family for me?
A. Cambridge Network relies on its on-the-ground, local staff members to locate warm, caring hosts in your community. Because our staff members live in the community, we are able to interview host families and review the home of our hosts in-person.

Q: Can Cambridge Network help me find a school?
A. Please refer to the “ENROLLEMENT” page

Q. Can Cambridge Network help me ensure that I have the proper health insurance and immunizations that are needed to study in the United States?
A. Absolutely! Cambridge Network is well versed in the requirements for study abroad. We would be happy to help you coordinate your students’ health insurance and immunizations to ensure that all students meet the federal requirements for studying abroad.

Q: Is there a member of Cambridge Network who I can contact in case of emergencies?
A. Yes. Each community we work with has a local coordinator who serves as your primary point of contact for any questions you have regarding your homestay. Additionally, each community has its own manager stationed at one of our central offices in the United States.

Q. Does Cambridge Network screen the host families it provides? How does this screening work?
A. We’re dedicated to thoroughly screening our hosts in order to ensure they are qualified to accommodate you. This screening process includes a phone interview, an online application, a background check, and a site inspection of the potential host’s home.
For more information on the host application process, click here.

Q. How does Cambridge Network set its standard for my homestay?
A. We are proud to set our standard according to the Council on Standards for International Educational Travel (CSIET), the preeminent organization for vetting international educational travel providers. The fact that we have been recognized by CSIET for matching their high standards reflects Cambridge Network’s commitment to providing a safe and accommodating homestay program for students and host families.