Preparing International Students for Study Abroad | 2021 Cambridge Network In-Country Orientation

2021-07-27 Mariah Thomson

On July 17th, 2021, Cambridge Network held its annual In-Country Orientations (ICO) in major cities throughout Asia for our incoming international students as they are set to begin their study abroad journeys. This multi-day event helps international students assess expectations and learn about life while studying abroad. In addition, students and their families get the opportunity to participate in meaningful discussions led by our guest speakers and experienced staff members. This year, the event was held in a virtual webinar format with outstanding guest speakers such as child psychology experts, admissions officers, professional Cambridge staff, and hundreds of parents and students.

This year’s event centered on a detailed overview of life and travel to the United States, vaccinations, and integration into the American classroom. Our staff also highlighted some of the recent successes of our previous graduating class. Not only are they accepted to world-renowned universities such as Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Princeton University, and Brown University, in the Cambridge Network system, 57% of international students were admitted to a top 50 college in the United States.

Student safety during the COVID-19 pandemic has been a top concern for international students and parents and a top priority for Cambridge Network and its partner schools. As a result, our schools have student safety plans that we could share with our incoming students. These protocols included strict prevention measures such as vaccination data reporting, mask-wearing, and social distancing.

A common difficulty encountered by new international students is adjusting to the American classroom in terms of academics and social-emotional development. As a part of our new and improved student development services, Shasha Song, Director of Operations, introduced our new program, Cambridge CARE which incorporates our existing Cambridge UP curriculum with new initiatives such as our Leadership Cohort, Student Council, and Virtual Event Series. This newly designed program is designed to improve academic outcomes and build leadership skills for international students to contribute to their new communities positively.

Health insurance is also an essential part of international high school students’ lives while in the United States. However, many international students are unfamiliar with the American healthcare insurance system. Our guest speaker Weigo Sun, the head of the WISE & CCIB international project, talked about the importance of student accident and illness insurance and carefully explained the U.S. health care system to allow parents and students to be aware of their role in protecting their wellbeing.

For parents, we also introduced our Family Education Advisors, who are bilingual and serve as our family’s liaison, and the local Student Development Managers, who oversee our students’ residential and academic statuses. Our team and families work closely to provide three primary information steams about academics, health, and safety, which are reported to parents regularly so that they can understand the actual situation of their children in real-time.

The In-Country Orientation’s carefully planned activities and discussions prepare our students to study in the U.S successfully. We are thankful for the efforts of all Cambridge staff and the support of our students and parents!

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