How Do We Support International Foreign Exchange Students?

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Cambridge Network is continuously inspired to help learners from around the world realize their full potential. We support international foreign exchange students on their journey as they become future contributors, leaders, and responsible global citizens. Cambridge Network works directly with top high schools in the United States and Canada to provide admissions, residential, and academic services for international students in foreign exchange student programs.

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Cambridge UP is an interdisciplinary online curriculum designed to meet the specific needs of international high school students by preparing them for the cultural adjustment of studying abroad, improving their academic outcomes, and strengthening social-emotional growth.

Lessons are delivered using a student-centered, interactive approach and continuously show students the real-world applications of the skills they learn.

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Core Competencies

Social-Emotional Learning

Social-Emotional Learning helps students to move in the direction of personal growth and maturity. These skills are necessary for international foreign exchange students to process their environment, clarify their sense of positive purpose, and provide opportunities to engage in social action in their classrooms and broader community. Cambridge UP works to strengthen stress management and coping skills so that international students can meet the challenges of living abroad head-on, improving their exchange program experience.

Study Skills Development

Study Skills are fundamental to academic competence and achievement. Students often overlook how they study as a skill that can be learned and refined. Strategies and skills for studying are critical tools to aid students in acquiring, synthesizing, and applying their knowledge. Topics such as avoiding plagiarism and research writing, often not emphasized their home countries, are critical to an international student’s success abroad. Cambridge UP helps international students utilize these skills in engaging lessons and culturally relevant approaches.

What do students say about Cambridge ?

Christina Zhang ’19
I think I got the best host family ever. They treated me like their own child. I am so attached to them that I see them as my second family. My host mom is just like my mother. At home, she cooked Chinese dishes for me, or she took me out for delicious food whenever I am homesick. My host family was so nice to me that I don’t think anything I do could repay their generosity.
Jimmy Mao '19
I learned to make myself more adaptive and stay open-minded, which helped me navigate through difficult things during high school life. Everyone there is very supportive and kind, and I’ve found friends and family whom I would keep in touch for life.
Cassie Meng '19
My hosts are really supportive and considerate. I really don’t know how to describe how much my host mom has taken care of me in the past four years because there is just so much. My Student Development Manager, Rob, would come to our house to check-in every month and bring lunch to us in school. I really appreciate his efforts to organize activities for us.