2017 NAIS Annual Conference Recap

2017-12-29 剑桥编辑人员

The annual NAIS (National Association of Independent Schools) conference was held March 1st through 3rd this year in Baltimore, Maryland. Attendees were able to learn more about independent schooling philosophies from guest speakers, workshops, exhibits, and events. Exploring the theme “Make Your Mission Matter: From Vision to Values,” the three-day conference served as a platform for Cambridge Network to meet with current education professional leaders. It was also a good opportunity to reach out to potential new partners.

Cambridge Network works closely with over 300 schools in the U.S in 39 states, over 80 of those schools being members of the NAIS. Cambridge Network has over 2,700 students in the network, and around 2,200 carefully selected host families that care for the students during their stay.

Representatives of Cambridge Network used this opportunity to showcase the various services we provide, including Enrollment Services, Homestay and Residential Services, and Academic Enrichment. A booth was set up in the exhibit hall to invite attendees to learn more about these services, and how we can assist an international student attending school in the United States.

Following the conference, a dinner was held to connect the Cambridge Network staff with the 21 school officials from 13 different programs. This was an excellent opportunity to meet with the partners and receive feedback while strengthening our professional relationships.

Christine Lin, President of Cambridge Network, had the opportunity to speak directly to our partners, saying “I’m glad we have a wonderful network of partners like you.” She went on to explain that our mission, “Expanding Human Perspectives and World Harmony Through Education,” is all about seeing these growing kids turn into responsible adults. Christine then closed with “Thank you to our partners for being part of our great mission and vision.”