Cambridge Network Launched Pay-to-Study, an Online Payment System for Parents to Wire Fees to American High Schools Faster and More Safely

2018-02-28 剑桥编辑人员

March 22, 2018, Boston, U.S. – Cambridge Network (hereinafter referred to as “Cambridge”), is a thought leader in facilitating international students to study at American high schools and a supplier and best partner for America-based back-end overseas study services. Today Cambridge officially launched its Pay-to-Study online payment system for the convenience of parents and partner agencies. It solves parents’ pain points of protracted and tricky cross-border payments, greatly shortens the time to pay the tuition fees, noticeably improves efficiency in the application process and ensures that students can smoothly enter American high schools to study.

It is widely known that cross-border payment is an indispensable skill that all families with children studying abroad must master. Usually the payment is made in cash, or via wire transfer, foreign currency bill, traveller’s cheque and credit card, etc., of which wire transfer is most widely used by parents. Wire transfer accommodates a wide range of currencies and excels in safety, speed and global coverage. However, to get the most from wire transfer parents must wait for a desirable exchange rate before going to banks, filling out forms and uploading documents. Meanwhile, Cambridge staff needs to match the payment information of parents to confirm the payment. For both the remitters and remittees the process is complicated, time-consuming and energy-sapping.


Cambridge’s Pay-to-Study online payment system is an independent payment link based on the Cambridge official site, which makes the payment process safe and convenient. After a parent clicks  “Student Online Payment” on the navigation bar of the official site (, (pictured below), the system sends a payment link with historical payment and student information. Parents need only to follow the instructions on the site step by step to complete the payment. At the same time, an email regarding the payment will be sent to staff in America, who will contact parents within 48 hours to confirm that the money is safely received.

The Cambridge Pay-to-Study online payment system has eliminated several technical obstacles and streamlined the process to help users make payment more conveniently and rapidly than before. So far many countries have applied the system which completely complies with international anti-money-laundering regulations. Parents can pay the tuition fees directly in Renminbi at Chinese banks to minimize the service charge and impact of the exchange rate. The online payment system is user-friendly, responds quickly, and automatically matches the existing data of parents, reducing potential mistakes and shortening waiting time. At the same time the Cambridge staff can confirm the payment immediately and send confirmation to parents promptly to reduce worries and anxieties after the payment, and ensure the enrollment process can proceed to the next stage.

Ms. Christine Lin, President and CEO of Cambridge Network noted, “Cambridge does everything with the needs of students and parents in mind. We adopted the Pay-to-Study online payment system to help solve various problems parents encounter in cross-border payments. With Pay-to-Study, Cambridge is able to help parents make cross-border payments in a worry-free and rapid manner and update parents on the payment process.”

As a pioneer in the US high school industry, Cambridge unswervingly innovates its technologies and improves its service, in order to continue to provide the best, most convenient and reliable overseas study information and support for partners and client families interested in studying in American high schools. The company aims to ensure a smooth learning experience abroad for every family and create a favorable environment in which every international student will develop.

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About Cambridge Network

Cambridge Network is a leader and expert in one-stop, turnkey service for studying at American high schools. As the exclusive representative of 240 leading private high schools in America and 19 public high schools in the state of Massachusetts it manages recruitment of international students in China for American high schools while providing home stay management and academic support for Chinese overseas students.

The Cambridge Network’s 400 staff members hail from diverse countries and cultures and speak various languages. Thus far 6,800 students have been accepted to American high schools via Cambridge Network. By 2014, 62% of graduates in the Cambridge Network system entered the top 100 American universities. With its outstanding performance the company was recognized as among the fastest growing companies in the American education industry in 2014 and 2015. At present, offices are established in 10 cities from four countries (the U.S., China, South Korea and Vietnam), namely Boston (U.S.), Los Angeles (U.S.), Seoul (Korea), Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam), and Chinese cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhengzhou and Chengdu as well as one region, Chinese Taiwan. For more information kindly visit