A Student-Focused Strategy for International Secondary Students

2018-08-23 chanelfriedman


As a new fiscal year begins this coming September 1, 2018, Cambridge Network is proud to launch an exciting initiative: the “Happy Student Initiative.”

The Happy Student Initiative aims at further developing Cambridge students throughout their academic journey. This initiative will help us to maintain a corporate focus on our number one stakeholder – the student. According to a survey completed by Cambridge Network students and parents this past year, the following trends were validated:

  • The physical and mental health of students is the most important concern of both parents and students.
  • Students thought that social problems, as well as the geographical location and surrounding resources/ environment of a school, have the greatest impact on their personal development.
  • Students of all academic levels are willing to participate in after-school tutoring courses for self-improvement.
  • The practical needs of students were split between two majorities. The majority of students voiced a need for improvement concerning their ability to tackle practical projects (leadership, career development planning, etc.). Additionally, a subsect of this majority also desire assistance with English language skills.

Based on this survey and industry trends, Cambridge’s after-school tutoring services will be upgraded comprehensively. The first phase will be the release of the Cambridge UP Online Course, an online after-school group class for students and parents to be trained and mentored on:

  • Adapting to life and study in the United States;
  • Enhancing social/emotional life skills and academic skills with an aim towards increasing integration into American schools;
  • Fully developing their potential to achieve self-awareness.

For students utilizing homestay services, Cambridge’s local Student Service Coordinators will also be meeting with each student for 30-minutes a week. These sessions will serve as follow-up for the content of the online course and give students the opportunity to deepen their understanding of key concepts.  More details on the this, and the Cambridge UP Online Course can be found here.

Christine Lin, President and CEO of Cambridge Network, is very excited and passionate about this project. Here’s a message from her about this program.

“Children are more independent than ever with information at their fingertips. They are constantly exploring future opportunities and how to create their own personal brand. After much consideration, Cambridge’s services have undergone a strategic shift this year to be more focused on students. I’m confident this focus will help students succeed academically, socially and mentally.  Just as every child is the pride of their parents, they are also what keeps Cambridge’s mission of creating global leaders and expanding human perspectives alive.”

Senior Vice President, Barbara Liang, also added:

“Today, US higher education systems are paying more attention to the ability of international students to learn outside of school.  This, in contrast, has lowered the importance of entrance exams such as the SAT and ACT. In order for Cambridge network to achieve its golden standard, the training of soft skills and emphasis on students’ personal development in Cambridge is fundamental. We need to not only provide for the basic educational needs of  Chinese adolescent students and their families, but also leverage Cambridge’s best teachers, curriculum and support network to maximize student-facing services.”

In short, Cambridge Network will always adhere to our golden standards of “Love, Guide, Nurture,” and work to build our students become stronger leaders and well-rounded global citizens. Through the Happy Student Initiative, the team at Cambridge Network will continue to challenge the industry and provide the most comprehensive, valuable services to students and parents without increasing service costs.

More developments will be released in the coming weeks, but should you have any questions please reach out to your Program Manager (PM) or Student Support Associate (SSA).