Resolution To International Student Program Concerns

2019-10-03 weigu


Dear Cambridge Family,

As you may have heard, a small Boston-based agency (EduBoston), unaffiliated to Cambridge Network, recently notified their students along with their assigned host families and high schools that the company would withhold payment of tuition fees and host family stipends. Subsequently, on September 26, the company announced it has officially closed. While we are all shocked by the sudden default by EduBoston on its obligation to its students, host families, and schools, Cambridge Network stands firm in our commitment to delivering quality cross-cultural educational services. We want to assure all our partners that Cambridge Network is completely unaffected by this isolated incident involving the dissolution of EduBoston.

Cambridge Network continuously meets and exceeds the standards established by international education accreditation organizations. We have been an industry leader in creating best practices and building sustainable policies for international education development. Our promise is to “Love, Guide, and Nurture” each student so that they may thrive in their new learning environments. It is because of this promise that Cambridge Network feels that we must act on behalf of those affected by the EduBoston situation.

Last Tuesday, we at Cambridge Network met with our collaborating agencies and affected schools for a joint conference to reach an agreement and Resolution Plan to support those affected. Thus, Cambridge Network, in our role as a leading U.S. educational services provider, is prepared to step in and protect these stranded students. As a result of the meeting, we have introduced an emergency support system to resolve the most imminent issue, the supervision of these students. Cambridge Network will cover the costs of services including host family stipends and medical insurance for the current academic year at no additional cost to affected students on the condition they provide a deposit to retain services for next year. Cambridge Network and its collaborators at the conference have also enlisted the help of China America Gateways, a law firm that specializes in international student affairs, to support any legal consultation students may need, such as questions about their visa and immigration status.

Understandably, all parties are fraught with insecurity about the guarantee of their payments. Therefore, Cambridge Network will establish an exclusive escrow account to hold the tuition paid by the students, where reports can be requested by parties at any time. Cambridge Network has also made available a Management Discussion and Analysis Report that verifies our financial stability and transparency.

Attendees of the joint conference have also agreed to establish the formation of the U.S. High School International Students’ Well-Being Committee to improve the service quality of the international education industry further, strengthen and uphold industry regulations, and lead positive industry development.

We are continuously inspired to help students realize their full potential as they become future contributors, leaders, and responsible global citizens. Cambridge Network is dedicated to helping students with our philosophy to “Love, Guide, and Nurture” so that they can maximize their international study abroad experience.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach out to your Program Manager or Student Development Manager. Cambridge Network will be providing a news release shortly and contacting news media outlets to inform them of efforts being made to provide help during this emergency. We invite you to forward any news media requests to us at [email protected].



Christine Lin, President

Cambridge Network