Cambridge Network Steps Up Amid EduBoston Closure

2019-10-04 Mariah Thomson

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-As the Closure of a Smaller Agency Leaves 320 Arriving Students Adrift, Cambridge Network Spearheads Student Support Resolution; Creation of New Committee for International Student Well-Being –

For Immediate Release, October 4, 2019, Boston, Mass—In a move to protect international students and to strengthen the integrity and safety of U.S. high school student exchange industry, Cambridge Network, a leading U.S. educational services provider, has stepped up to resolve the problem of 320 incoming students left stranded by the closure of a Boston-based exchange student organization last week.

Several weeks ago, a smaller Boston-based agency (EduBoston) notified 320 students and families along with their assigned host families and high schools, “[EduBoston] will no longer be able to pay host families or medical insurance for our students, tuition to our schools, or commissions due to our partner agencies.” Subsequently, on September 26 the company announced it has officially closed.

The situation has created alarm for many organizations in the sector, concerned foremost for the students and families but also highly concerned at the negative impact this situation could have on the U.S. international student exchange industry at large. A number of them have turned to Cambridge Network, as one of the largest and longest-standing providers in the sector, to lead out in determining a plan to proceed.

Cambridge Network is prepared to lead out in protecting the 320 students affected by covering required costs on their behalf for their first year of services. Prominent international student recruitment agencies abroad including New Oriental, JLL Overseas Education, Bailitop, and TD Overseas Study will support Cambridge in executing this plan. Collectively, they have agreed upon a support plan as follows:

  • To quickly resolve the most imminent issue of uninterrupted schooling, current supervision and custodial responsibility for the students affected, the group has introduced an emergency support services system. Cambridge Network will cover service fees including homestay stipends and medical insurance for the current academic year (2019-20) for students committing to the intention to re-enroll for 2020-21**. In this way, Cambridge will minimize financial loss for affected families and schools. This strategy ensures most students will reserve the right to continue to study in their schools next year without additional fees. More than 10 EduBoston-affected high schools so far have agreed to waive 2019-20 tuition.
  • Cambridge Network will establish an exclusive escrow account to hold the tuition paid by the students, where reports can be requested by parties at any time. Cambridge Network has also made available a Management Discussion and Analysis Report that verifies our financial stability and transparency.

Participating companies in this agreement will also establish the “U.S. High School International Students’ Well-Being Committee” to further improve the service quality of the international education industry, strengthen industry regulations, and to lead out in positive industry development and growth for many years and for generations of students to come.

“As one of the largest and longest-standing providers of exchange student services, we consider the situation caused by the default by a former service provider heartbreaking,” said Cambridge Network CEO Christine Lin. “Although we had no role in the situation, as industry representatives and leaders, we feel the responsibility to do all within our power to make this situation right for these students and families, and to take all steps necessary to give all participants in this industry, both here and abroad, the confidence that this tremendous work can continue forward.”

“These parents and students and our international agency partners need to know this industry will come together to protect and support their children, above all, and will be responsible and transparent in the management of their funds,” Lin continued. “As an industry, we need to take greater steps to ensure that no tragedy of this nature could happen again.”

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