Workshop Topics for the 2018 School Summit – Cambridge Network

Hosted by Cambridge Network, a clear leader in the international education industry, the 2018 Cambridge Summit, from June 20-22, presents an opportunity for guests to learn about market trends and the ongoing transformation of the international market. Held in greater Boston, the summit offers direct access to information about Cambridge Network’s own new services, through interaction with some of the industry’s leading professionals. Guest participants will have a close-up view into proven positive practices for fostering international student development, and hear about Cambridge Network’s latest advances to encourage cultural understanding and promote educational success.


At the 2-day summit, you will explore the following topics:

  • Marketing Trends in International Education
    • Learn about market trends from official report data, detailed explanation and global market expertise who will bring insights of each regional market to show the most updated changes and needs in Asia.
  • Strategies for Evaluating International Applicants for Admission
    • Standards against which international applicants for admission are considered, including English Proficiency Test scores, Current GPA, Interview Performance and References all provide insight about the potential for success at a selected school.  A discussion of strategies, ‘beyond test scores’ will explore additional factors for important decision-making.
  • The Power of Local Marketing – Lessons from Global Markets
    • Institutions may be unsure about what will cultivate their institution’s brand internationally. Surprisingly, the solutions to this challenge can often be found in your own back yard!
  • Academic Challenges – Conquering Common Barriers to Success
    • International students all face adjustment to ‘everything new’ when they first arrive in the U.S., and academic challenges can be among the most daunting.  Cambridge Network’s Academic Services Team will provide tips and strategies for support of students experiencing a new classroom and study environment.
  • A Homestay Program of Quality – Set the Foundation for a Successful International Program
    • Cultural adjustment as a new family member for students entering their homestay experience is exciting, but not always easy! Key to successful adjustment and building healthy family relationships are preparation, communication and understanding. Components of the Cambridge Homestay Services program will be explained and discussed in depth.
  • The Admissions Process – Strategies for Attracting Well-matched Students.
    • As the first impression between students and schools, interviews and other steps to enrollment play an important role. Cambridge’s professional team will share best practices for attracting students matched for long-term success and a pathway to graduation.
  • CSIET and Standards for Operation of Secondary International Programs
    • The Council on Standards for International Educational Travel is the primary professional membership organization for secondary international program providers in the US. We will explore the history and development of the standards, and how the annual audit process works to ensure safety and wellbeing for students.
  • Program Expansion through Short-Term Exchange
    • Learn how Short-Term Exchanges can help grow your school domestically and globally. Building summer or school-year programs can elevate a school’s market profile, but how do you get started and attract students to your program?
  • Maintain the September Momentum – Keeping our International Students Engaged
    • Successful Academic and Social experiences support student reenrollment and length of tenure at a school. We will explore more factors for increasing student returns year over year, and how to avoid common reasons for departures.
  • Emerging Markets – Growing and Diversifying International Recruitment
    • Let’s delve into the largest Asian markets outside of China: Korea and Vietnam. We will explore new markets for student recruitment alongside the challenges and successes of global expansion.
  • Engaging Natural Parents as Partners in Education
    • Parents are their children’s first teachers, but when natural parents are far away, engagement is a big challenge. Learn how Cambridge has adapted communication and encouragement methods to stay connected with parents. We will share strategies for communicating your school’s value-add to Chinese parents.


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