Measuring Student Support | Happy Student Initiative Update

2018-10-23 Mariah Thomson

We are happy to share the recent successes of our Happy Student Initiative and new student service upgrades. Through the Happy Student Initiative, Cambridge Network continues to provide innovative and comprehensive educational services to students and parents while strengthening our relationship with schools. In the video below, students, staff, and school partners at the York School in Monterey, CA share their thoughts on our new initiative.

In order to increase this student-centric vision, we are strategically transitioning our Student Services Coordinator (SSC) role into that of the Student Development Manager (SDM). The SDM will prioritize student guidance and benefit from less administrative duties and more streamlined processes. They will serve as an advocate for students by guiding both their educational and personal growths at the local level. Our highly trained and qualified staff will monitor students’ academic and residential needs through regular consultations with students, schools, and host families. The SDM will provide mentorship as well as supplemental skills development in accordance with our Cambridge UP curriculum. They will work in tandem with our Family Education Advisors (FEA) to ensure timely communication between our students and their natural parents.

Facing unique stressors both inside and outside of the classroom, our international students have identified a need for additional resources to assist with their integration and acculturation into a new environment. Cambridge UP has provided these students with a comprehensive curriculum and flexible class times that do not interfere with regular school or extracurricular activities. Students get to not only work with highly-trained staff but also gain access to our extensive network of students. Cici, a Cambridge Network senior, stated, “It’s been super fun to connect with other students from different schools and bounce ideas off each other in our classes.”

Cambridge Network’s SDMs meet homestay students at their schools or in nearby communities on a weekly basis to guide them through challenges and implement the skills they have learned in their online courses. These meetings serve as a safe and open space to discuss the challenges and issues students encounter. Students have also taken the initiative to transform this space to correspond with their needs, by using the time as a study hall, a lunchroom, a space to host workshops and group discussions, and much more. These meetings help strengthen our connections with students and allow us to better monitor student progress. Additionally, schools have been able to foster stronger relationships with their students and Cambridge Network by taking advantage of the increased access to our Cambridge staff when they are on-site for weekly meetings.

Pamela Sanford, International Student Dean at York School, explains, “It’s great to have our Cambridge rep here on campus, [the students] have a personal connection with her and relationship with her and I get to spend extra time with her.” Through the Happy Student Initiative, communication with schools has improved, allowing schools to better identify and resolve any potential student issues.

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