How Cambridge Tutoring Can Help Students Excel in the Classroom

International students face a variety of different stresses and challenges when they step into American schools. Cambridge Network academic services helps bridge the cultural and educational gap by developing the language and academic skills needed to successfully engage in the classroom, perform well on tests and quizzes, and achieve a student’s highest potential. This success not only benefits international students but also leads to greater interactions and experiences for the teachers and schools hosting them.

Despite an international student having strong language skills, full immersion in an English only classroom can present new and unseen obstacles. Tutoring can help an international student learn how to express themselves in the way that best suits the content of each academic field. For example, developing an analytical vocabulary for literary works, or the use of the passive voice for scientific study. An international student may also need support in presenting their ideas in the proper format for speaking or writing. Learning standard introduction phrases for giving a presentation or transitional expressions for essays are things a tutor can equip a student with that can be used for future assignments. Language skills like reading and listening are often time-consuming activities for international students that affect their focus on classroom content material. Tutors can teach students time-saving techniques, like scanning an article or listening for main ideas, helping them complete schoolwork more efficiently. International students are more attentive and engaged in school when they feel supported by language assistance outside of the classroom.

Academic skills such as creative, critical, and analytical thinking are all uniquely fostered in the US education system. Most students raised in this system understand what is expected of them when faced with activities requiring these skills. However, many international students are coming from countries with very high teacher directed learning environments, which differs from the self-guided learning environments often experienced in the US classroom. Cambridge tutors are knowledgeable about the academic transcultural adjustment international students must make and are equipped with the tools and resources to help with this transition.

In addition to developing language and academic skills, tutoring strengthens the success of communication between teachers and international students. Tutors can help students adapt to the differences in teaching styles and expectations that might be new to them. Tutors can work with teachers’ preferred platforms to help students monitor upcoming assignments and locate any necessary resources. Cambridge tutors also make themselves available to teachers for any suggestions or comments they may have, keeping communication open for the benefit of the students.

Cambridge Network tutoring offers new international students the highest level of transcultural and academic support. Students that take advantage of these services position themselves on the path to realize their full potential and success.

Cambridge Network offers a variety of services for international students looking to improve their English-speaking proficiency and capability to improve grades and excel in the classroom.

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