Why You Need an International Section on Your Website

First impressions matter, even more so to potential applicants!

It used to be that you could rely on in-person, on-campus experiences to help students understand and appreciate your school and what it has to offer. But in today’s world, those in-person opportunities are rare. Instead, they will rely on your website to learn and quickly decide whether or not it might be a good fit for them.

A section of your site dedicated to international students addressing their unique needs and questions will help your school better attract applicants. This raises the awareness of your international student program and making it clear that it is vital to your school, and provides students a place to go for information. Ultimately, this helps ensure the timely processing of applications in the fierce market.

What Your International Student Section Needs

There’s no need to put your school’s website through an entire overwhelming overhaul. Instead, you can add a page or a section that provides critical information to potential international students.

Putting this information in a separate section, and one that’s easily found in the site’s navigation makes it easier for students to access the information. And thus, more likely they’ll apply to your school.

You Should Include:

  • Cambridge Network’s contact information and inquiry form, so that students know who to contact when they are ready to apply to your school
  • Information about your school that’s marketable to the students. Consider including information like college matriculation percentages, international student population details, success stories of any international students, and general information about the town or city surrounding your school
  • Videos and photos of your international students, if possible
  • An explanation of the relationship between Cambridge Network and your school as it applies to international admissions, homestay, and academics

You Should Consider Including:

  • Your school’s marketing flyer, designed and translated by Cambridge Network
  • A testimonial from an international student’s (natural) parents that describes how well your school supported that student’s learning and growth

You Should NOT Include:

  • Information about international student tuition, since your tuition may vary by services provided and the student’s country of origin
  • Detailed admissions requirements that deviate from Cambridge Network’s process


Download our Best Practice Guide below, and reach out to your Program Manager (PM) for personalized consultation on best practices and current member schools’ success with Cambridge Network.

CTA international web guide

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