St Mary’s Online Academy | Fall 2020 Online High School for International Students

The impact of the global pandemic has placed international students and schools in an unpredictable and worrisome position for the upcoming fall semester. If international students can’t safely arrive at school campuses due to closed embassies and travel restrictions, are schools equipped to support international students who face unique challenges through distance learning programs? If international students can’t matriculate to the United States, how do you keep them interested in studying abroad in the U.S.? Cambridge Network is proud to launch St. Mary’s Online Academy in collaboration with St. Mary’s School of Medford, OR.

Highlights of the SMOA program are below, or full details can be found here in the SMOA Credentials Package.

  • Synchronous online learning and on-campus instruction in Asian time zones across 10 campuses.
  • Fully accredited (Cognia) and issued US-based transcripts and credit hours.
  • Top-quality English-speaking instructors, support staff, and learning coaches.
  • Dozens of available classes offering personalized, student-based course schedules (including AP courses).
  • Student activities and online social opportunities.
  • Cost-effective for families under financial constraints.
  • Cambridge retains the deposit for future seasons enrollment in either Spring or Fall 2021 deferral.

This interim solution for international student programs for high schools in need of program support is aimed at addressing the main concerns of international students, including:

  • Limited interest in recorded classes or classes taught in a different time zone.
  • The desire for increased student support and virtual mentorship/academic coaching.
  • Resistance to school-provided virtual learning options costing the same as in-person classes.

Other considerations for Fall 2020 admissions impacts and solutions can be found here.

St. Mary’s School of Medford, OR is a renowned U.S. private preparatory school founded in 1865 having been recognized as the Best Catholic High School in Oregon by Niche and has grown to 10 campuses in China (Shanghai, Beijing, Pinghu, Wuhan, Guiyang, Zhengzhou, and Haimen). With graduates of its schools attending top institutions such as Princeton University, Yale University, Stanford University, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), they have a proven track record of success graduating hundreds of international students with a current program size of roughly 70 international students in their Medford boarding program.

St. Mary’s Online Academy continues in the rich tradition of the Medford campus by providing an authentic U.S. educational experience with course credits issued through its premier program. Students will have the opportunity to study onsite at one of St. Mary’s many locations and participate in synchronous online learning with classes delivered at convenient periods for Asian time zones. Additionally, students have access to an advanced American curriculum, a full range of Advanced Placement courses, clubs focused on preparing students for cultural assimilation in the U.S., individual language support classes for those who need additional help in English, a bilingual learning coach, and an integrated student grading system enabling students to get instant teacher feedback. Students will have the opportunity to transfer credits to the school they matriculate to, and seniors will be able to earn a U.S. high school diploma.

Cambridge Network, in collaboration with St. Mary’s School of Medford, OR, is proud to select the International Test of English Proficiency (iTEP) as its official English language evaluation for St. Mary’s Online Academy. Click here to read more about this story.

For schools interesting in learning more about St. Mary’s Online School, please contact [email protected].

For students interested in St. Mary’s Online Academy, can submit an inquiry form here.