Cambridge Network 2020 School Satisfaction (NPS) Results – Continued Support for International Student Programs

This year has been marked by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, including the sudden and unprecedented closing of high school and university campuses across the country earlier this spring. At a moment’s notice, educators were faced with the unique and overwhelming challenges of adjusting and recreating learning environments that would take place entirely online. This transition from in-person and virtual learning forced many of us to re-evaluate our international student service providers and the continued support they offer.

As an industry leader, operating under the “status quo” simply was not a viable solution. Our team quickly assessed and implemented new strategies to support international student programs in the time of a global pandemic by developing new services and value-add approaches for students and schools alike. Through ongoing communications, unlimited consultation for US partner schools, and diversifying our communication channels to access larger audiences Cambridge has maintained trust and hope among schools, students and natural parents. We recognize the incredible flexibility and agility all our staff and partners have shown as we work towards our collective recovery and the new norm of international education.

Each year, we ask our school partners to evaluate their customer satisfaction through our Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey, an index to measure customer relationships. This also provides schools a chance to share their feedback, both good and bad, about our services informing us on how to improve our processes continually. We are extremely pleased to share the 2019-2020 results from this quarter for our Cambridge Network school NPS survey report.

  • Overall NPS score of 35, a 46-point increase from last year.
  • 46% response rate from partner schools, a 7% annual increase.
  • 86% of responses listed as satisfied or very satisfied with our services
  • 49% of ratings were perfect (10) or near perfect (9). This score compares favorably with other leaders in non-education sectors such as Verizon Fios (NPS 24), Walmart Pharmacy (NPS 34),

Kaiser Permanente (NPS 34), and AT&T Fiber (NPS 20) (Source: NICE Satmetrix).

To see the results of our most recent Student Satisfaction (NPS) report, click here.

Highlighted below are some of the shout-outs we received and are incredibly thankful for our strong network of partner schools alongside the care and love given to each student. We are proud to be partnered with such dedicated educators and guardians of international students.

 “Consistently communicating and making BCA [Broadfording Christian Academy] aware of strategic issues and important deadlines. Willing to talk, explain, and patient with the school. Identifies the school’s desire to improve services to students.”

“I have greatly appreciated everyone at Cambridge that worked to promote Lima Christian School.  It has truly been a pleasure to partner with you.  Thank you for all of your efforts.  Much appreciated.”

“Cambridge updates marketing materials and is proactive in ensuring its partners in China are informed and accurate in their efforts to market Falmouth Academy.”

“Over the past several years, I have been impressed with the care and hard work that you have all put in. AMHS [Archbishop Murphy High School] loves our Cambridge partnership.”

“Cambridge is the most organized of any agency I have ever worked with. Going on the trip in the fall, I was able to meet many of the sales/marketing employees in person as well as the trip to Boston last summer. I have full confidence in all their employees.  They help guide the student and really let them know the realities. They put our schools in a good light, but they do not over-promise or give false hopes that can be given to families at times. Cambridge is extremely professional.”

We are incredibly thankful for your great partnerships and proud of how our staff exceeded our partners’ expectations of care and support. For schools looking for more information on Cambridge Network and our services, please submit an inquiry form.