Distance and Remote Learning Support | Tutoring for International Students During COVID-19

With the shift to online and remote instruction, students everywhere are now more vulnerable than ever to learning losses and growing achievement gaps. Educators and parents everywhere are struggling to keep at-home learning alive while students are falling behind on their academic benchmarks.

According to one New York Times survey, just one in seven parents said their children would be returning to school in person full time this fall.  Most children will receive online and remote instruction at some point this year, which requires hands-on help at home that not all parents – or host parents – have the time and ability to spare. In that same survey, four in five parents said they would have other no in-person help in educating and caring for their students, whether from relatives, neighbors, nannies, or tutors. Parents across the country are facing uncertainty with the upcoming school year, and many are feeling completely overwhelmed with having to juggle many additional responsibilities. In fact, 80% of parents said that they would be working remotely during the pandemic will also be handling childcare and education requiring a greater need for layered student educational support.

The need for quality online learning, home support, and student engagement is immediate. This is especially true for international students who often require different types of support than their domestic counterparts. Besides regular subject courses, international students often need supplementary English courses and mentorship on cultural adjustment. Cambridge Network is a trusted leader in international education and academic programs for international students. Our academic services and tutoring programs offer an extensive range of subject tutoring, standardized test preparation, and academic counseling. Our team matches each student one-on-one with one of our professional tutors, who customizes specific lesson plans to fit their educational needs and provides regular on-going progress reports to parents.

Our tutors are experienced and certified teachers in many subject areas, with an average of 13 years of teaching experience in private and public schools. Our highly qualified team is dedicated to steering your student to achieving all their academic goals. We offer tutoring in all core subjects, including Honors and Advanced Placement levels, as well as ESL, religious studies, and test preparation. Our learning coaches help students with academic counseling and assist individuals or small learning pods in keeping on track with their course load.

Tutoring can go a long way in providing support and structure to families while schools are closed or operating remotely. Cambridge Network academic services help bridge the cultural and educational gap by successfully developing the language and academic skills needed to engage in the classroom. Our program customizable to your student’s level and pace with online sessions and scheduled check-ins. Cambridge Network Tutoring offers:

  • Support for school-directed e-learning.
  • Guidance through school-assigned course load.
  • Review of major concepts and processes.
  • Customized enrichment activities.
  • Develop positive study habits and executive functioning skills.
  • Preparation for standardized tests.

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