How Cambridge Network Academic Programs & Courses Benefit Our Students

As an added service to their students, many Cambridge Network member schools choose to include the Cambridge Network academic services (AS) programs in their academic plans for their international students. These AS member schools see immediate benefit from these programs on student performance and on the school environment as a whole:

“(Our AS teacher) has been an invaluable asset to our international students.  (The teacher) doesn’t come in and just teach his lesson. (The teacher) truly cares about the academic progress of his students, as well as their ability to assimilate to all aspects of the school community.” – Celeste Trifero, Head of Guidance, Bishop Fenwick High School: Peabody, Massachusetts

Academic Service member schools have two programs open to them: AS onsite and AS online.

Onsite school members receive a trained international student educator to work with their students during the school day utilizing our unique Cambridge Network designed course: College Prep, Language, and Culture (CPLC).

CPLC is designed to support students through all stages of their American high school experience. Every school’s CPLC class is custom designed to match the academic goals of the school. Our CPLC program has proven successful when it comes to assisting Cambridge Network students in the three areas found most commonly to be challenging to international students:

  • English as a Second Language Proficiency & Fluency
  • Integration to the School Community through Cultural Orientation
  • Critical Thinking Skills & How to Show Those Throughout All Coursework

Students taking and completing this course see its benefits on their academic performance throughout all their years in their American high school:

“I am grateful for taking (CPLC) over the past three years. (My teacher) helped me a lot this year focusing on English papers as well as personal statements for college application. I now understand more about how native speakers talk, and I get more enthusiasm about learning the American culture. Having such a class is definitely a highlight in my high school experience in the U.S.” Zhenwei, Bishop Fenwick High School (Peabody, MA)

“Being a student in Cambridge is a unique experience. Being able to have access to a teacher who has enough knowledge and is always willing to help can really make a difference when you first arrive in a different language environment. Not only does (my teacher) care about your school work, she also pays attention to your life outside of classrooms.” Han, St. Maria Goretti High School (Hagerstown, MD)

Our online member schools can enroll their students in an online version of CPLC or individualized one-on-one tutoring in the subject of their choice.

Of the online programs, College Advance, our CPLC Honors Course, is truly the best tool to support college admissions. This course challenges juniors and seniors to perform at the top of their critical thinking abilities in speaking, reading, and especially writing tasks:

“[College Advance] will give you a sense of how college is like before you enter. Great preparation for college! Students can gain equal attentions from the teacher. It does aim to give students a well-rounded college preparation as it introduces how college’s life is like to students in advanced and also gives tips on how to do things in college properly.” Jason, St. Thomas More Academy/ College Advance Senior, enrolled Fall 2018 at Penn State University

College Advance students routinely gain acceptance to some of the most competitive universities in the United States. This year, acceptances include University of California: Los Angeles, University of California: Santa Barbara, University of California: San Diego, Franklin & Marshall College, Fordham University, Boston University, University of Washington, the George Washington University, and Case Western Reserve University.

For more information on how your school or student can take advantage of these programs, please contact [email protected].