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As Cambridge Network continues to blaze the trail in creating a sustainable industry with price transparency and student-centric initiatives, the team is excited to release an enterprise-level platform allowing member schools to boost collaboration and provide real-time updates on their program’s marketing materials.

How many times have you critiqued the same photos? Edited the same content? Have you found that the platforms you use to host photos and videos such as DropBox, Google Drive, or Youtube are inaccessible to users in China?”

Introducing MediaValet, a cloud-based digital asset management (DAM) platform centralizing 25,000+ files for our network of over 200 US private high schools. Not sure what a DAM system is?

Let’s first review a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system which allows an organization to manage relationships with its customers digitally in order to streamline processes. As an example, Blackbaud is a popular CRM software provider for US private schools, but any online reporting portal could also be considered a CRM. DAM systems are built slightly differently and are intended to manage creative assets such as videos, photos, design files and finalized marketing or promotional materials. It’s kind of like a marketing CRM!

MediaValet integrates common functions of Google Drive and Dropbox as well as Vimeo and YouTube, allowing schools to centrally store, track and maintain their creative portfolios. The most exciting aspect of the system is its ability for global sharing, bypassing the great China Firewall with direct access to hundreds of sales reps.

Key benefits include:

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Open to member schools only, where officials are encouraged to create a new account at their earliest convenience and in preparation for 2020 recruitment.

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