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Justin Zhang, a senior at Lancaster Country Day School (LCDS), recently got the chance to visit several universities in the Northeast including New York University. It was Justin’s chance to see the school and the city he had set his sights on. NYU has been Justin’s top academic goal since joining Cambridge Network and starting his international exchange experience. He recently achieved this goal upon receiving his acceptance to NYU, where he plans on studying international business.

Justin is often described by those that know him as diligent and conscientious. His schedule is usually packed with a rigorous course load as well as duties and responsibilities to the many activities that he is involved in. Justin is not only driven by his academic ambitions, but it is also his compulsion to care for and help others that serves as his core motivation. When he recognized an opportunity to help underserved populations in his community, he jumped on the chance. Justin founded the Civic Service Club at LCDS, where students volunteer and go to Lancaster homeless shelters to help those that are less fortunate. Students in the club spend time with displaced families and individuals, help them to clean bathroom facilities, serve food, and much more. They also go into local neighborhoods to collect clothes, food, supplies, and donations for those in need.

When asked about his inspiration in creating the club, Justin said “I wanted to help the local homeless people I saw and provide them with a more comfortable life. I hope that we can recruit more members and make bigger announcements and changes to the community.” He also credits his host parents, Jennifer and Daniel, who are both medical doctors in instilling the importance of giving and help others.

LCDS Civic Service Club – Justin Zhang (left)

Justin has integrated himself not only at LCDS but also in the greater Lancaster community. He has taken every opportunity to contribute to his host family, his school, and his neighborhood. Justin is also a member of the Refugee and Immigrant Service Education (RAISE) Club that helps support local refugee children and families with their educational, health, social and emotional needs. When asked how Cambridge Network has helped him further his academic and personal goals, Justin said, “Cambridge helped me find a great host family and provided me with a good environment to study and grow.” Justin is especially appreciative of his Cambridge Network Student Development Manager, Emily He, when he ran into issues recently with his visa after returning from his trip to China during the holidays, he called Emily who helped him get back to his host family.

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