Student Spotlight: Ruihong Wang

St. Johns Country Day School is located twenty minutes from Jacksonville, one of Florida’s largest metropolitan areas. The students at St. John’s are highly motivated, well-rounded, and routinely distinguish themselves by excelling in academics, the arts, athletics and community leadership. It’s strength is largely due to its small class sizes and low student-to-teacher ratio as well as a wide array of sports, liberal arts, and preforming arts available to students. Students who attend St. John’s know, understand, respect, and care for each other; this is one of the many benefits of being a part of a small school.

Ruihong Eric Wang is one of 6 Cambridge international students attending St. John’s. Since Eric’s first day, he has made it a priority to take advantage of every educational and personal opportunity granted to him. Eric is the first international student in St. John’s history to join the football team. After he joined, Eric’s coach and team members quickly rallied around him, teaching him the rules of the game and encouraging him to give it his all while on the field.

Eric also excels in the classroom and is well-liked and respected by all of his teachers and peers. Eric has never been afraid to ask questions, participate in classroom discussions, or seek help from teachers and classmates. This tenacity has led him to consistently earn very high grades. Along with exceling on the field and in the classroom, Eric has also made it a priority to give back to his community by volunteering. Eric joined the Interact Club his first semester at St. John’s and participated in several community service events. These community service projects have included collecting food for the homeless and raising money for local charities and non-profits.

Eric has also excelled with his host family and in his home life. Eric was excited, motivated, and realistic about living with a host family. From the first day in their home, he has taken an active interest in being a part of their family. Eric enjoys learning about his host parent’s successful business, spending time with his host sisters, and helping prepare and cook meals. Eric’s favorite activities with his host family are playing board games and video games as well as learning successful business tips.

Eric has made tremendous growth during his first year at St. John’s. Due to Eric’s active engagement in his school life, recreational life, and home life, he has truly made the most of his first school year in the United States. We are excited to watch Eric continue to excel as he begins his junior year at St. John’s.