How to Prepare for 2021 International Student Recruitment – Cambridge Network Partner Schools

The upcoming admissions and recruitment period is going to require substantial flexibility and planning in response to COVID-19, more so than ever before admissions and international student programs are being asked to meet the challenge of preparing for upcoming recruitment seasons through a marketing and communications perspective.

Although many international programs are busy juggling a variety of tasks from publishing weekly community updates to managing students, we have seen a record-breaking number of member schools already open for both Spring and Fall 2021 recruitment. Even programs that traditionally only do fall recruitment cycles are now opening mid-season to allow flexible fall arrivals and deferrals. What has your program done to prepare for the upcoming recruitment season and any unforeseen scenarios?

Outlined below are four essential steps recommended for schools to add to their immediate “to-do list” in preparation for upcoming student recruitment efforts. Remember, the international cycle is much different from the domestic one, thus requiring earlier actions from promotion to establishing tuition.

For Cambridge Network member schools, your Program Manager (PM) will be reaching out to engage in thoughtful discussion and collaboration to update your program’s marketing profile. Should you have questions beforehand, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your PM or Admissions & Communications Director, Tyler Foote, at ([email protected]).

  1. Register and Login to MediaValet, your marketing portal!

Cambridge partner schools were recently given upgraded marketing services access to our enterprise-level marketing cloud service. This globally accessible platform integrates standard functions of Google Drive and Dropbox as well as Vimeo and YouTube, allowing schools to centrally store, track and maintain their creative portfolios streamlining general brand management. The most exciting aspect of the system is its ability for global sharing, bypassing the great Chinese Firewall with direct access to Cambridge’s teams.

Have you and your Marketing team registered for MediaValet? If not, register here:

  1. Frequently Audit Photo Stock and Promotional Videos (in MediaValet)

Domestic students often have the luxury of visiting campus before choosing to apply or enroll, but in the international market, visuals are the most important sales tool. Please upload and share new materials, videos, photos, and success stories as often as time allows.

Here is a photo standards guide that can help promote your program, campus, and community in the best way possible when visually supported. If interested, please ask your Program Manager for a portfolio analysis.

If you don’t have up-to-date campus photos or imagery, request to have a budget and consult with your Program Manager on general resource management. Additionally, ask a student who is passionate about film and photography to help your cause – plus, it’s a great college resume builder from a students’ perspective!

  1. Update Program Content and School Selling Points

After ensuring your MediaValet profile accurately reflects your campus and program, Cambridge Network schools will be asked to collaborate with their PMs to update the English content by Friday, June 5.

Common items to update annually include: SAT/ACT average, student body size, number of international students with country-specific breakdowns, international student success stories, etc.

From June 5 onward into the summer months, our teams will translate English content into various languages as well as building, designing, and updating the promotional material used in our overseas markets. This includes but is not limited to 4-page flyers, PPTs, social media graphics, etc.

Friendly reminder, be sure also to review your school’s Niche page and other third party sites.

  1. Open Recruitment for Spring and Fall 2021, Finalize Tuition Early

As mentioned above, Cambridge has seen a large number of partner schools already open for Spring 2021 recruitment AND have established their mid-season tuition rate. If you or your team haven’t done so yet, contact your Student Support Associate (SSA) to open for recruitment now, therefore gaining a competitive edge for the year-to-come.

For Cambridge Partners, questions or general inquiries can be sent to the member school’s Program Manager (PM) or Student Support Associate (SSA).

For schools looking for more information on Cambridge Network and our services, please submit an inquiry form.